A portrait of a young woman with long, brown hair and green eyes she wears a black top with white stripes and has her hand resting on her head Her lips are red and glossy The background is blurred, revealing an indoor wall with a textured pattern She wears a glinting ring on her left hand


Welcome to my website! My name is Kristina Wieshofer, and I have been passionate about painting since my childhood. Over the years, I have honed my skills and focused on contemporary abstract art.

My artistic journey has been an exciting one, and I invite you to explore my portfolio to witness my artistic development. Each piece I create is a unique expression of my inner thoughts and emotions, brought to life through vibrant colors, fluid lines, and intriguing textures.

What sets my work apart is not only the originality and depth of my abstract creations but also the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the artwork. I take great pride in building and stretching the frames myself, ensuring that each piece is presented in a way that complements the artwork and enhances its overall aesthetic.

For the past six months, I have had the privilege of working in a dedicated studio, which has provided me with the freedom and space to let my creativity flourish. This opportunity has allowed me to explore new techniques, experiment with different mediums, and push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

A young woman with brown hair that is tied into a ponytail wearing a black shirt with white stripes Her smile reveals white teeth and her head is slightly tilted The background is blurred, revealing an indoor wall with a textured pattern also you can see a delicate necklace that shimmers against her pale skin

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I am also studying International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien).

I draw inspiration from various sources, such as nature, music, and the world around me. My goal as an artist is to evoke emotions and provoke thought in those who engage with my work. Through my art, I strive to create a visual language that transcends boundaries and connects with people on a deeper level.

I am delighted to offer my artwork for sale. If you are interested in adding a piece of my art to your collection, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to discuss pricing and shipping options. Your support allows me to continue pursuing my passion and sharing my art.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to connecting with fellow art enthusiasts and sharing my passion with you.

Warm regards,
Kristina Wieshofer

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